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Groupe Batteur

A Family Story

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The history of Groupe Batteur started in 1958 when Jacques Batteur, a pharmacist from Lille who had already set up shop in the Paris area, bought Laboratoires Gilbert.

Ambitious and visionary, he relocated the Company, and expanded the facilities, to Herouville Saint-Clair in Normandy, a region he had a special fondness for since his family spent their summer holidays there.
The Batteur family remain faithful to their roots in the region and to the people who have contributed to the development of the Company, by keeping the headquarters of the Group and 4 of its 5 manufacturing sites in Normandy.

In 1986, under the leadership of his son, Laurent Batteur, the Group began a period of rapid expansion. Creation of trademarks, company acquisitions, industrial investments… during the 25 years that he spent at the head of the Group, the workforce grew from 20 employees to more than 800, and turnover went from 400,000 euros to 150 millions euros. Outstanding results for this builder-entrepreneur and fierce defender of his company’s independence, who prides himself on the fact that the Company has remained family-run.

A desire that he shares with his three children, Anne-Sophie, Cédric and Romain. At the end of their studies, all three joined the Group and worked their way up through the ranks before taking over managerial posts.

The 3rd generation takes control of the Company

Since 1st January 2012, a new organisation has been in place, with the two brothers working side by side on the Executive Board to run the Company.
Laurent Batteur retains his title as Chairman Managing Director and takes on the role of head of the Supervisory Board, accompanied by his daughter and several administrators.

Carrying on in the family tradition, Cédric and Romain Batteur plan to pursue the work of their father and grandfather and to continue to develop and expand the Group’s activities.

Jacques Batteur (1962)

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A family business for three generations, Groupe Batteur was built over time, marked along the way by the companies and trademarks it has created or acquired in its two main areas of expertise: health and beauty care.
Groupe Batteur comprises a number of different companies that work together. The main ones are: Laboratoires Gilbert and Ocean Terre Biotechnologie.